Introduction to John James Audubon Trail

Introduction to a few significant places within the transformative 5.5 miles Trail, John James Audubon walked from Bayou Sara to Oakley (Audubon State Historic Site).

  • Bayou Sara
  • John J. Audubon Bicentennial Memorial
  • St. Francisville
  • West Feliciana Parish
  • Audubon State Historic Site (Oakley)
  • and much more...

He was mesmerized by the natural beauty of the woods, streams, and the wealth of birds he saw here. When Audubon departed the Columbus steamboat at Bayou Sara, on June 18, 1821, he did not expect to see what he found. Somewhat distraught, financially strapped, and lonely for his family, Audubon was surprised to find a world he did not know existed. His excitement is expressed in his journal entry.

"The aspects of the country entirely new to us, distracted my mind from those objects that are the occupation of my life — the rich magnolia covered with its odoriferous blossoms, the holly, the beech, the tall poplar, the hilly ground, even the red clay. I looked at with amazement and such entire change in so short a time appears often supernatural and surrounded once more by thousands of warbler and thrushes, I enjoy nature."

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