8. Printers Cottage 1811

"This post-and-beam structure’s earliest usage, according to family stories, was to house the deceased from across the river awaiting burial in the Catholic cemetery. In 1819 the property was sold to James M. Bradford, attorney, printer and editor of The Time Piece (1811), the first newspaper published in Louisiana’s Florida Parishes. Bradford became one of the first war correspondents as he sent back dispatches from the Battle of New Orleans while serving with Captain Jedediah Smith’s Feliciana Troop of Horse; he was subsequently stabbed to death during a quarrel. Later, continuing the association with local newspapers, in 1892 the True Democrat was begun here by May Leake Robinson, the presses located in the rear printshop built of Bayou Sara brick. When her first husband and partner, W.W.Leake Jr., died and fire destroyed the first printshop, she struggled to run the paper 'with one baby at the breast, another’s tiny hands on my skirts, a son too young to be of assistance,' until the undaunted Miss May found a perfect partner in Elrie Robinson, the 'horse and buggy printer,' and the Democrat survives to this day." Anne Butler