6. West Feliciana Courthouse 1820

"The present Neo-Classic courthouse was built in 1903 replacing an earlier structure damaged in the Civil War; its wellhouse dates from 1852. Now augmented by a modern addition housing parish offices, it centers the courthouse square where even earlier governmental gathering places…hotels, The Cabildo…oversaw all the political maneuverings that in the first decade  of the 19th century would see the area wrested from Spanish control, formed into an ambitious independent republic of short duration, joined to the United States first as part of the Orleans Territory and then the state of Louisiana, and in 1824 separated from East Feliciana as the seat of parish government for West Feliciana.  The square is shaded by enormous ancient live oak trees hung with Spanish moss, their limbs covered in the resurrection fern that in dry spells appears dead but resurrects with every passing shower, just as St. Francisville has weathered many trying times and always manages to spring back to life." Anne Butler