3. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetery / O'Conner

"Built on a high loessial ridge overlooking Bayou Sara and the river, St. Francisville is called the little town that’s two miles long and two yards wide, its two main streets, Ferdinand and Royal, named in tribute to the Spanish authority in control at the time.  The Catholic Church’s lofty location kept it safe from the constant spring floods that eventually washed away the lower port city, this being the only un-leveed part of the Lower Mississippi.

There are interesting early graves in the cemetery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on its high bluff overlooking Bayou Sara and the river. One is that of Hercules O’Connor of Evergreen Plantation near Oakley, who died in 1821. Adjoining the Catholic cemetery is the cemetery of beautiful English-Gothic Grace Episcopal Church, whose first rector was Rev. William Bowman, hired in 1827 and soon to be the second husband of Audubon’s pupil Eliza Pirrie of Oakley Plantation." Anne Butler