21. Rachel O'Connor's Evergreen Plantation

"Over 100 letters written between 1823 and 1845 by widowed Rachel O’Connor to her half-brother David Weeks of Shadows-on-the-Teche and preserved at LSU describe in great detail the trials of managing a 1,000-acre antebellum cotton plantation called Evergreen on land granted to her by Spanish governor Manuel Gayoso. In 1797 she had married Irish immigrant Hercules O’Connor, whose death while Audubon was in residence at neighboring Oakley was the occasion for his discomfort in sitting all night with the body of the deceased. Far from unusual, it was not uncommon in West Feliciana Parish to find determined widows capably and profitably managing both plantations and slaves." Anne Butler

Notice on old historic map, the O'Connor property was beside Oakley.