16. Audubon Market Hall

       "Built in 1819 when the Board of Trustees of St. Francisville, desirous that produce might be bought and sold in an orderly fashion, published in The Time Piece an ordinance providing for the erection of a Market House at the east end of Royal Street, stipulating 'there shall be raised in each side five brick pillars, three feet wide and eighteen inches thick of equal distance apart. The floor of the house shall be a good brick pavement. Between each pillar shall be considered a stall.' Entry was by turnstile, and the clerk was to keep track of vendors and assure that the market, with its wagonloads of fresh vegetables, wild game, fish and assorted other produce, 'might be kept clean and free from all bad and offensive smells.' Used over the years by Feliciana Masons who added the upper story, the town magistrate and Confederate Veterans, in 1935 it was transformed into a public library supported by the Drama-Library League  which presented plays and tableaux in honor of Audubon. This structure served as St. Francisville’s town hall for some 30 years from 1947. It has been restored by the West Feliciana Historical Society and is used for community activities." Anne Butler