14. Golsan House

"This pleasant Eastlake Victorian cottage was built in the 1890s by Judge Joseph Golsan for his wife Emma, daughter of Reverend Alexander Gordon Bakewell. Rev. Bakewell, who was Lucy Bakewell Audubon’s nephew, was called as the rector of Grace Episcopal Church in 1872. Grace Church had been founded in 1827 by the second oldest Episcopal congregation in the state, and quickly called as its first rector young William R. Bowman. Only recently ordained, Rev. Bowman was considered “an agreeable gentleman and Christian minister…an eloquent preacher and fine theologian.” He was also said to be a man of commanding appearance and pleasing address, who in 1828, just a year after his calling, married beautiful young Eliza Pirrie Barrow, Audubon’s pupil who had eloped and was swiftly widowed when her husband perished of pneumonia after carrying her across a flooded Homochitto River on their honeymoon.' Anne Butler